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Indoor Futsal Rules & Regulations

The decisions of the tournament director are final.
A. General
    1.    All games will be played in accordance with USYSA/FIFA rules with the exceptions noted below.
B. Rosters
    1.    Maximum of 18 players.
    2.    Players cannot be over age.
    3.    Players must be officially registered and names must be on valid State, League and team roster.
    4.    Players may be registered with more than one team in different AGE brackets for the tournament.  Players cannot play on more than one team in a specific age bracket.  Example:  If you split your U11 team into two teams, only your goalie may play in both U11 brackets.
    5.    An illegal player will cause games to be forfeited or the team disqualified.
    6.    Roster must be turned into the tournament at least one (1) hour prior to the first game or mailed to the tournament office before arrival.

C. Waivers
    1.    All Players are required to have completed and turned in a Medical/Liability wavier, signed by the player and the parent/guardian before being allowed to play.
D. Game Information
    1.    Games on both fields will consist of two twenty (20) minute halves with a two (2) minute half-time period.
    2.    Each team will be scheduled for three games.
    3.    All games will have a running clock. The tournament runs on schedule. Each team shall be prepared to take the field at the scheduled time. No field warm up will be allowed.
    4.    A game is official if one half has been completed.
    5.    An official Futsal ball will be used for all divisions.
    6.    Teams will occupy one side of the field and spectators the other side of the field.
    7.    Coaches will be responsible for the behavior of the spectators. A game can be forfeited if spectator’s misconduct does not stop when asked.
    8.    Coaches are to stay with 25 feet of the side of the centerline.
    9.    Six (6) players will be allowed on the field at one time. One player may be designated as a goalkeeper.

E. Play
    1.    The first team listed will be considered the home team and will have choice of kick off or side to defend.
    2.    Teams will switch sides at half time. The team that defended the opening kick-off will kick off to start the second half.
    3.    There is no offside rule.
    4.    Slide tackling is not allowed.
    5.    All free kicks will result in an indirect kick that must be touched by a teammate of the kicking team before a goal can be scored.
    6.    The defending team on free kicks must position themselves ten (10) feet away from the ball. Exception is when the free kick is located within ten (10) feet from the goal where the defensive team may position themselves on the goal line.
    7.    On corner kicks the ball will be placed on the corner of the side and end lines (no corner throw-ins).
    8.    Violation fouls within the goalkeepers box will be penalized by having a player removed from the offending team for a three (3) minute penalty. There are NO penalty kicks! The player removed will be selected by the coach of the offending team (unless the player is also receiving a violation card). The offending team will play with one (1) less player. If the violation also results in a yellow card, the yellow card rule is also in effect (see H—red/yellow cards). The maximum time, if the non-offending team does not score, will be six (6) minutes. If the violation results in a red card, the red card rule also is in effect (see H—red/yellow cards). The maximum penalty time served, if the non-offending team does not score, is nine (9) minutes. 
    9.    A two-line pass is a violation. No ball may be passed through the air from a team's defensive third of the field to the same teams offensive third of the field without touching the ground or a player of either team.  This includes the throw from the goal keeper.  The violation will cause the possession of the ball to be awarded to the non-offending team. The ball will be put into play on the center of the non-offending team’s offensive third line by indirect kick.
    10. Goalkeepers are not allowed to punt or drop kick the ball. The goalkeeper may either kick the ball from theground or throw the ball.   For the goalkeeper to touch the ball with his/her hands, the ball must be in the goal box area, goalkeeper may be outside of the goal box area.
    11.  Restart play from the ball exiting play on a side line will be kick in only from the same spot where the ball exited play.  Restart play from the ball over the goal line (end line) begins with either a throw or a goal kick.
12. If the ball touches a part of the ceiling or lighting, the ball is considered out of play. An indirect kick will be awarded to the non-offending team at the location of the obstruction.
    13.  Mercy Rule -If at any point during a match the goal differential becomes 5 or more goals, the team behind may add an additional player until the 5 goal spread has been eliminated in which case the additional player must be withdrawn from play.
    14.  Field/goal size – Field #1 is approximately 130 feet long and 85 feet wide. Field #2 is approximately 105 feet long and 95 feet wide. The goals on both fields are approximately 6 feet high and 10 feet wide.

F. Substitutions
    1.    Substitutions may be made by any team at any time during play for any field player
    2.    Goalkeeper substitutions must be made with the permission of the referee during a stoppage in play.
    3.    Players may enter the field of play when the player exiting the field is within four (4) feet of the sideline and the exiting player is not involved in the play of the ball.
    4.    Players must enter and exit the field from one spot within ten (10) feet of the centerline.

G. Equipment
    2.    In case of uniform color conflict, the home team must change to an alternate color.
    3.    All players must wear similar uniforms with the exception of the goalkeeper who must have a different uniform.
    4.    Each player must have a separate number on his/her uniform.
    5.    All players must have proper indoor footwear. (Flat Soft Sole Rubber Shoes) No cleats are allowed.
    6.    All players must wear shin guards and have socks covering the shin guards.
    7.    No jewelry or hard casts are allowed.
    8.    All uniform shirts must be tucked into shorts.
    9.    Headbands must be of soft material.
    10.  Ultimately, the coach is responsible for the players’ equipment.

H. Red / Yellow Cards
    1.    A yellow card violation will require the offending player to be removed from play for the length of three (3) minutes and will not be replaced with another player unless the opponent scores a goal within this time period. If more than one penalty is being served, the shortest remainder of time penalty will be removed. The other penalty times will remain in effect.
    2.    If a second yellow card is issued to a player or coach during the same game the player or coach will be disqualified from play for the remainder of that game and the next scheduled game of the tournament.
    3.    A coach or bench player that receives a yellow card will result in a player of the offending team to be removed from play. The player removed will be selected by the offending teams coach.
    4.    A red card violation will require the offending player removed from play and not replaced by another player for six (6) minutes. This penalty will remain in effect for the complete penalty time regardless if the opponent scores. If a coach or bench player receives a red card a field player must be removed. A player receiving a red card must leave the bench area. The offending player or coach will be disqualified from play for the remainder of that game and the next scheduled game of the tournament.
    5.    A yellow card violation will be issued to the coach for an illegal substitution violation.
    6.    A player or coach who receives two red cards in the tournament will be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament.

I. Protests
    1.    The decisions of the officials will be final, no protests will be allowed.
J. Point System
    1.    Six (6) points are awarded for a win.
    2.    Three (3) points are awarded for a tie.
    3.    Zero (0) points are awarded for a loss.
    4.    One (1) point is awarded for each goal scored to a maximum of three (3) additional points per match per team.
    5.    One (1) point is awarded for winning a shutout game (No shutout points for a 0-0 game).

K. Tie Breakers
    1.    The following procedure will be used to determine positioning of teams for Championship and Runner up positions if tied in points. In divisions over four teams the procedure also will determine advancement.
                       a.         Head to Head competition
                       b.         Most games won
                       c.         Fewest goals allowed
                       d.         Highest goal differential
                       e.         Most goals scored
                       f.          Coin toss

L. Championship / Playoff Games (Divisions over Four Teams Only)
    1.    The team with the highest point total or tiebreaker total will be considered the home team.
    2.    These games are the only games that will go into overtime if tied at the end of the contest (Games that are not for an award will end in a tie):
           a.         Coin toss will determine sides in overtime
           b.         A maximum of two five (5) minute overtime periods will be played. Teams will switch sides and kickoff to start the second overtime period                                      
           c.         The first team to score in overtime will be considered the winner. (Golden goal)
    d.    If the game is tied at the end of both overtime periods, the goalkeeper will be removed and play will continue until one team scores.

M. Awards
    1.    Individual medals will be awarded to the Championship team members.
    2.    Individual medals will be awarded to the Runner up team members.
    3.    Individual medals will be awarded to 50% of teams entered in divisions over four teams.
    4.    Individual participation awards will be awarded to all U-10 team members.
    5.    Award Presentation
           a.         Awards will be presented at the north end of the lobby near the stage with the overhead banner.
           b.         All U-10 players will be presented their individual participation their individual awards following the last game scheduled.
           c.         All other teams that receive awards will be presented their individual awards following their last game, when division place status is known.

N. Forfeits
    1.    A game will be forfeited if a team is more than five (5) minutes late for a scheduled game.
    2.    A minimum of four (4) players is required to play a game.
    3.    A forfeited game will be scored 3 to 0 for a total of nine (9) points. No shutout points will be awarded.
    4.    A team that forfeits a game will not be allowed to win their bracket.
    5.    A team that forfeits a game(s) may cause the Club the team represents to be excluded from the tournament for one year. Other notifications will be made as required.

O. Grounds
    1.    No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the campus.
    2.    No smoking is allowed in the buildings.
    3.    No animals (except sight dogs) are allowed on the campus.

P. Tournament Authority
    1.    If the tournament cannot be held, all fees will be refunded to the teams.  Assume the tournament will continue despite snowy weather.  Call 262-243-4258 and leave a message if there is a question about dangerous weather conditions.
    2.    Once a team is accepted, all fees will be retained unless a replacement team is found.
                       a.         A fee of $50.00 will be retained to cover costs if a replacement is found.
    3.    The tournament shall have the authority to:
           a.         Reschedule or relocate any game
           b.         Reduce up to one half the duration of any game.
           c.         Cancel preliminary game(s) that have no bearing in deciding a bracket winner.
           d.         Terminate any game five (5) minutes before the next scheduled game is to start.
           e.         Combine similar age groups to ensure maximum participation by those who applied to the
    4.    The tournament shall not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team or individual if the
           tournament is canceled in whole or part.
    5.    No changes, modifications or variations of the schedule will be allowed after schedules have been
           distributed to all teams.

Q. Extra Tournament Contest
    1.    "Top Gun" shooting competition is located upstairs of Field 1.  Enter stairway near main entrance of fields.  "Top Gun" shooting competition is a test of both accuracy and power shooting.  For a small fee ($1.00) players test their skill against targets and a radar gun.  The best score(s) at age groups will be awarded a trophy.  Trophies will be awarded Sunday afternoon of tournament weekend.

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